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When I take someone’s picture, it’s more than just the click of a button, it’s artistically capturing a glimpse of life to live forever. Pure happiness and joy captured forever on your wedding day. These moments in time will never be reproduced again, but they will never be forgotten. In my opinion, love is the greatest emotion to capture through a lens. I have a fondness for weddings, from the engagement session to the “I do’s”. Being able to see a couple portray their love through my lens, while building a connection with the bride and groom is what I love most about being a wedding. My couples can take confidence in knowing they can be 100% comfortable and transparent in front of me and my lens, capturing their truest moments and emotions and turn them into bright vibrant works of art. For weddings, I have a team of professional photographers, that help me deliver my highest standard in service, only the best for my clients.

I look forward to speaking to you and learning about your love story!

Hi there! I'm michelle, and Capturing beautiful candid moments is my hidden talent!

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My philosophy is simple.
I capture your beautiful portraits to remember the biggest and best day of your lives.
Capturing the moments and details throughout the day that you'll cherish forever. The ones that you'll frame in your home and share with your future children for years to come.

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